june 16 2011

So this week there isn't too much to report, our baptism for this weekend fell through because sis. L (the one that was already in mosiah just a few weeks into hearing the gospel, even though she has zero christian background) feels like she can't pay tithing so doesnt want to do the rest of it since she can't get baptized without being willing to pay tithing. It was pretty rough for me because my feeling was that I had done something wrong. If she had been really building her faith and stuff, she would have made it through this. I committed her over the phone to keep reading and praying even if she doesnt come to church, and she agreed, but doesn't want to meet with us any more.

Sister D and I are doing well, we spent some time this week organizing things since we're dropping a few investigators and now we're just trying to find a way to help the ones we are teaching progress. These past few weeks people have been willing to see us, but haven't really been moving forward with their testimonies or progressing in the commitments they keep.

Sister d and i had an interesting story about scheduling people from this week, i don't know exactly how to describe it and make it as funny as it was, but we had scheduled the aforementioned sister La on saturday at 1pm, and sister La a member of the china hong kong mission presidency's wife was going to fellowship. On thursday we get a call from an unknown number and a sister La tells us she won't be able to make it to saturday's, and so we reschedule her for friday at noon. So assuming this is Investigator La, we then call sister N to fellowship. That night, we are confirming our appointments for the next day, and we have Member La scheduled to fellowship at 5:30 so we confirm.. However the next day, sister La doesn't show up to the appointment at noon. So we call her, and she asks us "isnt the appointment at 530?" we already had lesson with Investigator k and Member La at 530, and we thought this was Investigator La, so we reschedule for 430pm and ask sis N if she can help us later in the day instead. well.. at 430 we return to the church and are sitting there with Sister N and member La. Welllll... so i call that unknown number and a man picks up. President La. his voice is so distinct. . . ANYWAYS we just rescheduled those two wonderful members like five times because we thought it was Investigator la the whole time.

sorry so complicated, but it was pretty funny.

ANyways this is my letter for the week, sorry its so short!

sis black