Wednesday Email

So this week was fantastic. I got an awesome package from the harold b lee library with a plant, HILARIOUS letters from my coworkers, and some other goodies. Its so fun to get letters and packages. We also got our 'service task' reassigned which means no more urinals and toilets for Sister Black!! (crosses fingers that it doesnt change again). Now we are cleaning the senior couple missionaries residence hall, vacuuming the floor and sweeping/mopping the stairways. The senior missionaries are SO cool and so cute!! It made me want to serve a mission again when I am older even more! I can't wait until the day when I can!! and not to mention the fact that at the MTC they get like hotel room-style residences. I met one couple that was going to jamaica. they were so nice. Seriously I wish everyone could experience this place. Its so full of love. So full of the spirit of the Lord. So full of smiles, hard work, peace, fun. I don't even know how to adequately describe it... its just... FULL! :)

Elder D. Todd Christofferson, an apostle of the Lord came last night. We had a head's up because one of the elders has some connections, and started waiting in line way early. We sat in the 5th row (the closest we could get unless we were senior couple missionaries) and dead center. It was amazing. His wife spoke as well and she was fantastic. This church is true.

I love you!!

Sister Black


Wednesday Email

On Wednesdays, Sara can send us an email. Here is what she said today

So last week I completely forgot to send the letters i wrote. tell mom sheri dew spoke on mothers day here. then this past sunday sister cook (yw gen presidency) and sister dibb (also yw presidency... thomas s monsons daughter) spoke in relief society. It was so amazing. I had had a question I'd been praying a lot about and she totally answered it. My testimony is growing a lot. I was called as coordinating sister for my zone this week, but I'm still not entirely sure what I'll be doing. It will be a good opportunity to grow and learn and stuff.

The language is coming along well, but I am going to have to step it up. Usually if any time during the day gets encroached upon its language study. The older district going to HK is leaving next monday, and I'm really sad to see them go but am really excited for them at the same time. This week another district or two in my zone left, and now theyre leaving, so in two sundays from now it will only be my district in sacrament meeting. and no one plays the piano except for me but NOT good, so I'm also taking some of my MDT time to learn a few hymns. Thank goodness there is a sacrament hymn in C major. Thats all I'm saying. I know I can do it but it's really hard and frustrating because as you all know i am not exactly the best at practicing. There are only 6 in my district so. . . yeah.

A few days ago our sister teacher asked me to "look it up," a common phrase that she uses when we need to find a word on our own rather than relying on her. The word was "willing" I looked it up and read it. We only use 6 tones instead of 7, but in the dictionary there are still 7 tones. High falling is the one we don't use. well.. the word had 2 high falling parts, and I thought they were low falling. Apparently I said willing wrong, and said a bad word. Our teacher is very serious, very Chinese and direct, but she couldn't help but bust up laughing at me because of what I had just said. We asked if stuff like that happens a lot in class. We learned that we have all sworn a bunch of times already. whoops.

I am learning a lot about the scriptures and about my Savior. My favorite part of the day is personal study and gym. I am pretty much dominating at 4 square. I need to be careful though because sometimes I get too competitive.

Love you!

sis black


Mother's Day Letter

Happy Mother's Day!

I had to let you know that I am not going to be calling home for Mother's day. There are too many missionaries in the MTC so... sorry! Anyways, I've loved receiving letters from you. I have a bunch of pictures see the end of the post in here for you. I see Spencer Calder our dad's cousin's son ALL the time- our meal schedule is the same and we have gym at the same time on Saturdays. It's nice! I know how to say "hello" and "I love you" in Tagalog and he knows them in Cantonese so it's our greeting in passing. He says he's doing well and I hope so! I'm doing really well too. I love my district and my zone, which is pretty great because some districts I don't think I'd like so much.

Overall, being at the MTC is still great. I got the package you sent me. The weather here has been crazy, just like when you were here- hot one day, snowy or freezing the next. Oh well. The food is still gross but I had an okay salad for lunch.

I love you all so much! Talk to you at Christmas!


Sister Sara Black

Sara & Spencer Calder and his companion

Two districts of sisters going to Hong Kong

Sara's district at the MTC, all of them going to Hong Kong

Sara and Sister Madubueze, a friend of ours from Seattle