June 2 2011

Sorry this week's email might be a bit short... because i am adding pics and because i responded to a couple of other emails.. PLUS we got here late.

This past week has been fantastic. I don't know how else to describe it... fantastic. We've been working so hard and seeing so many miracles. I may share a few if I dont run out of time.

first. B was baptized!! and it was great. She shared her testimony of repentance and how it can effect our lives right after she was baptized. so cool. Anyways, yeah she's doing great.

second. story. a couple of days ago the elders met these two women who came to HK from mainland three years ago. they came the next day for a tour of the church and brought a friend. they all have small children and it was their first time learning about jesus christ when we taught them about church and about Him and why we believe in Him, what he taught us etc. anyways at the end we taught them to pray and two of them tried. it was really cool because we hadnt had a chance to talk about what feeling the Holy Ghost feels like, and the first one, Y, was like "i feel really comfortable and warm and ... " completely describing it. and then the 2nd one, A prayed and she just like started crying and stuff. I mean, they talk about how that happens and they were really feeling the spirit. it was so cool.

In other things, sis d and i are doing well. Today we went to the beach for Pday with almost the whole mission and made a sand castle. which turned into making slc temple + tabernacle, with a moat. and a great and spacious building provided by some elders. definitely a good day.

what else. OH worst thing of the week. triple cheng out. Okay so breakfast we basically had Dim Sum (call it yam cha in the morning) with a member. Dim Sum makes you so full you wish you were dead, just so you are on the same page as me. Then we had an appointment RIGHT after to visit a member's sister who is visiting from mainland. SURPRISE... she had lunch prepared for us, rice and meat and veggies and soup. ok so not bad. i already want to die. now im actually considering it. Then.. we have a few hours of studies, and an appointment that we just made that afternoon to visit A and her mom at 8pm. surely they wouldnt feed us? wrong. more rice, with mushrooms and meat and sausages and eggs... oh man. I thought I was going to die. i know i used the word die a lot in this paragraph, but i cant think of any other way to describe my feelings on tuesday. funny thing though, sis d and i were pretty much out of money on monday already and she prayed that ppl would feed us so we would have stuff to eat. i told her never to pray for that again. babies have way too much faith.

but yes. anyways i am really happy to be here and really excited for the next few months. We have a lot of exciting prospects and are doing a lot of work here in Hong Kong. My time is really getting short and I'm feeling it more and more every day. The weeks are SO FAST. its unbelievable. absolutely unbelievable how fast the time is going.

ok one last quick story... yesterday we ended an appointment late with one pair of elders and we had to rush to another one, a really really important one. we had already told them we'd have to be 15 min late, but surely we couldnt be more than that. but.. God put a philippina member in our path to help us know where to go, and brought the bus just in time to we could catch it. It was incredible. praying and running and then she just turns up like a little angel and is going to the same place as us, on the same bus, at the same time. it was really REALLY cool. The lords hand is in this work. I love Him more than anything. The book of mormon is SO true. this other stuff after this is stuff i wrote earlier. Love you all! take care!

sis black