Last email before Hong Kong

Ok so this is terrible i have no time to write because the internet is going crazy. I leave the MTC Monday night. I arrive in Hong Kong at 10AM, Wednesday morning. so when i get there i'll have like a WHOLe day ahead of me. Make sure people know my address is changing and that I'm not at the MTC anymore, but that they can send me dear elders until monday. and i would love some just like......good advice, stories etc. please send me dear elders! :) I am trying to get it so i only have to take one bag right? well its kind of awesome because i can, but its overweight. So maybe I'll just have to take two instead. OH well. I can't wait to get to hong kong and actually teach the people. I am so grateful for this opportunity. i have been so lucky to learn and grow. seriously going on a mission is amazing and i am pretty sure i don't know the HALF of what its all about. OH we get to clean the temple today!! cool huh.. well i have to go eat plus my time is out because the computer wasn't working. i love you.

Love, Sister Black

Just in case you didn't find it in the middle of that sort of scattered email, Sara can receive mail at the MTC until Monday. After that, all letters should go to the Hong Kong address. Or you could just start writing to Hong Kong so she'll have mail when she gets there. She would love to hear from you. :)


12 days left!

Hello Everyone! I only have 12. yes 12 days left in the MTC!!! I am so excited! The language is coming along- I still have a ton i need to learn obviously, but it is really coming. We don't SYL (speak your language) as much as we should, but we're working on it and working hard.

Ok so a couple of cool stories: The elders found a note in their room or in one of the other rooms that was from 2006 i think? from some sisters going to Hong Kong, giving advice etc. apparently the room used to be for sisters. SO cool part.... my roommate A was one of the sisters who wrote the note! It was so crazy when the elders brought it in and put the picture/note up on the board and her face was up there!!

cool story 2: in the TE (I have no idea what that is) we were having a workshop with a teacher who went to greece. He told us a story about this new years eve where the Zone Leaders told everyone they could go home a bit early, but his District Leader said he was going to stay anyways and keep contacting to find people. about how you need to work until the end .... you need to work hard and the lord will bless you. anyways the teacher and his companion kept working because the District Leader encouraged that and they found someone that night that they taught and baptized. the District Leader he was talking about was my friend S!! It was such an example to me of how we need to be diligent and do everything we can at all times and because of our hard work we can help people that we wouldn't be able to without it.

Elder C (our cousin) and the Tagalogs and the Cebuanos left yesterday for the Philippines. Sister R is now my bunk mate because her cebuanos (the cantos' best friends here at the MTC because we live by each other and have class by each other) are now gone. I am really going to miss them but i am so excited for them too.. I will admit i did cry a few tears after i said goodbye to elder c at dinner (ok like one or two.... really) but i actually got to see him off because we went to help the Cebuano sisters carry their luggage out!! it was awesome. I am so glad i got to meet them all and learn from them.

I love you all. Take care! Thanks for your letters. Please keep writing to me! The church is true. I love you all!!


The Journey

Hi! I love you all so much! I am so grateful for being able to serve a mission!!

Thanks you all for your letters and support. I have a poem that my companion, Sister C and I wrote together.

The Journey

My journey began so long ago,
a trusty ship, my compass guide.
I used my map to chart the course
on the treacherous path I would be tried.

To reach the sweet shore of promise
this was my heart's desire
I firmly pushed off from the dock
my soul soon filled with fire

Into the open sea, I made my way
I faced into the Sun
It rose, the brightness filled my view
my journey just begun

and then fierce storms fell upon the sea
as dark days tend to do
but me, I laughed into the wind
for my goal and course I knew.

Calm seas and warm days soon came to my ship
bringing bliss and sweet repose.
The sun ahead, the moon behind
I could almost see the troves

My map warned of one more strait to pass
before my journey's end
but I would guide my dear ship through
I feared no turn nor bend.

The strait appeared, my ship entered in
much sooner than I knew
The narrow way was full of waves
and rocks and danger too

I took the helm of my wavering ship
and sought to fight the current
it was not only the ship but the soul within
that could perish in this torrent.

The escapes were narrow as I steered us through
my teeth and hands clenched tight
the way seemed sure, I would not falter
'til I met a greater foe that night

Dark swirling water lay straight ahead
it spun beneath the swells
A whirlpool of the greatest strength
could drag me down to hell

The fight was great, my sweat poured down
though soaked, I struggled, shaken
A single drop of blood rolled down my cheek
a single drop was taken.

There was no time to check my compass now
as the drop fell upon the floor.
I swerved my ship and we shot away
Fear drove us toward the southern shore

Closer it came and I saw the sand
but unseen rocks lay waiting
My map and its Maker unheeded now
my own path I was taking.

But with a jolt and a Crack! I fell upon my deck
the waves destroying my ship
and as I reached the shallows there
more blood began to drip.

Exhausted and weak, I fell into the sand
After pulling my vessel to shore
my head rested upon my knees
for an hour or two, maybe more

And now I stand upon the beach and face the open sea
This land is green, the sky is clear
but my heart is filled with sorrow
and my eyes are filled with tears

The south is not my goal, I say
Though fine to say the least
my heart still longs for another end
For the Sun rises in the East

But One can help me find my way back now
to reach that promised land
Will this momentary satisfaction
stay my reaching for His hand?

Or will I turn and fight my foe
and give my God my best?
For I know in Him that safety lies.
In Him I'll find my rest.

Things are going SO well here in the MTC. The english districts just left for Mesa, Calgary, Michigan, or South Africa. Tonight we'll get some new missionaries... a few headed to Uganda!! cooooool! I love my district, we are working hard and stepping it up for these last three weeks. I can't believe that's all the time I have left here but at the same time, I am so ready to get out into the field. There is a lot of work being done in Hong Kong. I can't wait to get into it!! I can't wait to help people understand how much this gospel can bless their lives. How much their Heavenly Father Loves them INDIVIDUALLY. I can't wait!! I only wish earlier in my life I had understood like I understand now how important it is. Its like I've lived my whole life floating on this water and not realizing how awesome it is that I'm above water and not below it. I don't know if that makes sense. but I have taken so much for granted. We should never take this for granted. God has a plan. Everything works out perfectly in the end. He has commandments to help us learn and grow and keep us safe? He asks so little of us in return. Think of how much heartache would be avoided if we could just all learn to exemplify Christ in our lives. If we had the courage to share what we know with others. If we could be humble and willing to learn. if we could ask questions and learn more. If we could help and serve others a little bit more. To those who know the truths that I know... share them. To those who don't know, please try to learn. I know that if you honestly and sincerely seek to know whether this is true or not, God will give you an answer. You will feel it in your heart and in your mind. That is an amazing promise, and I have been given that promise and asked and sought and so I know it is true.

I am so grateful for this Earth that was created for us. I am so grateful that we have guidance from a living prophet. I know that God will do nothing save he reveals it unto his servants the Prophets. (Amos 3:7) I know that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are God's word to us. I know this. I bear my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, my savior, Amen.


Last Week


This week was really good. I'm emailing later today because this morning i ran out of time while doing laundry. I had so many letters to write!! I'm still behind. Yesterday Elder Hales came to speak, it was way awesome. no seriously though. he talked about obedience which is one of my favorite things because I really have a testimony that if we are obedient the lord will bless us. His whole plan is about obedience- he wants to bless us, and the blessings are dependent on whether or not we are obedient. Elder Hales taught us that if we aren't obedient we can't have the spirit. Sooo as missionaries it is so important to have the spirit. This week I just learned a lot.

My district has two new people in it now. There were 2 in the younger district who already spoke cantonese, so they'll be leaving with us. Sister L is now companions with sister C, and sister C and I are companions. I lovelovelove this.

We are preparing to practice teaching the lesson on the Plan of Salvation. I LOVE THE PLAN OF SALVATION. i think its probably my favorite thing about the gospel. I love learning about how everything works out just perfectly. That through Jesus Christ everything can be made right. That God loves us enough to give us agency. I LOVE AGENCY. I love being able to choose my own path in life. I guess my whole life I haven't really understood REALLY what we have. We need to share it. Yeah, it's scary... but SO amazing. I just wish I could sit down with everyone I know and explain it to them. I know that if they would listen and ask God sincerely if it was true they would know that it is. If you're reading this and don't know if the things I'm saying are true, just ask God. He won't force us to do anything, but he will answer our sincere questions.

Yesterday I had a funny thing happen. So- I am pretty much not the bomb dot com at volleyball. But the cebuano district/their branch challenged ours to a volleyball game. Of course we had to accept. And we have 2 secret weapons: elder E dominates at just about every sport and will be playing college football after his mission, and elder H played volleyball for BYU before his mission. Now seriously... with those two working together, its pretty hard to go wrong. Well, it was easy for me. About 10 min into it, the ball was served and headed straight towards me. I prepped my hands but then realized that the ball was too high for me to do that. In an instantaneous reaction, without thinking, I popped up to hit the ball with my head. AND missed. It hit just above my left eye and went flying who-knows-where. Elder H and sister T were on the ground in uncontrollable laughter, and elder E was holding himself up by gripping the pole. I could hardly stay standing. I guess maybe its not that funny, but it was probably one of my finest gym moments at the MTC other than dominating at 4square every day.

I'm learning a lot. I'm working hard, and I am glad to do so. Its about time i do something to try a little bit to pay back my Savior for all he's done for me. Read mosiah 2:22-24. its awesome. the church is true.

Love you all!

Sis Black