9 June 2011

Okay so its kind of weird how quick time on the mission is going. I have just over 4 months left... and its WAY too fast. Sis D and I have been so busy this past week and haven't really had much time for anything even studies some days... (which isn't good because e. holland also reminded us to have good studies). We don't live in our area, and our area is huge, so it takes 30 min to 1 hour to even get to our area depending on where we are going, which slowly eats away at our time. We've started to split quite a bit with members (especially saturdays and sundays) and that helps a bit, but still.. a bit of a bother.

In other things, we have met a few really awesome people this week. The other night we had some time when our plans changed, and we were trying to decide whether to stay in and make some calls or go out and go finding. well... naturally we prayed asking for guidance and felt to go out even though it wasn't going to be for very long (like i said, at least 30 min until we're even in our area) so we're riding the train just trying to talk to people and stuff, we'd brought a book of mormon in simplified and one on traditional characters (simplified is what mainlanders read). anyways so we're on the train and this couple is kind of watching us, after the people next to them get off, i go sit down. welllll turns out they dont speak a word of cantonese or understand it. and my mandarin, well its not that great either. I know a few phrases but the only ones i could seem to remember were "i am sister black" and "i know this is true" we kept pointing and trying to talk and communicate and then i showed them the Book of mormon and had the husband start reading the introduction via pointing and gesturing etc. He starts reading, then starts reading 1 nephi, then i show him the pamphlet about moroni's promise, he takes a moment and then we had to go. quickly gave them our number and left. the wife tried to give the book back but then the husband snatched it back. SO funny and so amazing. I have no idea what the effect of that book will be on their lives, but later that night we got a text saying "thank you for the book" It probably would be their only time meeting missionaries in their entire life, and their only opportunity to hear about the Book of Mormon.

I've been talking a lot more about the book of mormon lately, and I've come to realize how INCREDIBLY important that book is. There are so many churches, and its so easy to find out if the book of mormon is true or not. Think about it. . . if you really do your part and read and pray and believe that God will answer you if it is true or not, you'll get an answer. If the book really IS from God, its pretty much the most important thing of all time, because it means that joseph smith really was a prophet and he really did restore Jesus Christ's church. if the book of mormon isnt true however, then really there's no need to read it. BUT... heres the thing, if you dont try reading it and dont try praying, you'll never know if its true or if its not. if its not true, either joseph smith (elementary school education only) is a genius, or its from satan. but pretty sure satan wouldn't give us such good advice. or want us to follow Jesus Christ's example so well. or do so many wonderful things. So my invitation to everyone, whether you've read it or not, is to read moroni ch 10 again or for the first time. think about it. its the very last chapter of the whole book of mormon, and it is amazing. the promise is v.3-5. and if it is true, and you are sincerely wanting to know and willing to act on it if you recieve an answer, God's going to let you know. because he doesnt lie. and he's helped so many people here recieve that answer and most people here don't even really have a christian background. Its amazing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that book. I'd stake my life on it any day.

I know im a bit passionate about that book, but the thing is, it means everything to me. It has blessed my life so much and my family and millions of people around the world. It helps us recieve guidance, it helps us understand the bible, it helps us come closer to Jesus Christ, helps us find truth, answers some of life's most tricky questions. its just basically the most amazing thing ever.

And once again this morning as im writing this, I am feeling so grateful for people in my life. I was thinking about middle & high school, and my exchange student time in the Netherlands with the Vissers family, going off to college, just how blessed I've been with the people I've met and learned from. I know I've been pretty selfish throughout my life, but it was because I just didnt get it! Sorry if I've ever offended any of you. I am soooo so so so so so grateful for all of the people I've met. so thank you everyone. especially my mom, dad and sisters. This gospel is the best thing ever. It has helped our family SO much I can't even explain it with words. my english these days is terrible but what I'm trying to get out is I am really grateful and I can't say it enough!

so yeah, thats how things are. hope everyone is doing well... thanks for the letters and the prayers!

-sis black