23 June 2011

Hello everyone! This week was so good!! We have been pretty busy and its awesome. But not just because we're busy. Yesterday was probably the best day ever--- this week TYPHOON SEASON started!! and we've got a typhoon 3 warning. well thats great because it is windy and rainy and stormy, weather I really like. But usually that means that our investigators are very likely to cancel their appointments or not show up. Rain is apparently a very legitimate excuse to not do things here. Sister D and I have been stepping it up by using our time better- minute by minute. However, we were particularily worried last night for two very important lessons- one with K, and one with the C family. K is anything but your average 18 year old girl, she likes to analyze things and figure them out, she is really searching to find out which religion is true and she knows it will take work but doesnt think she has enough "real intent" or faith yet. She just got back from Taiwan and in the HK airport spent some time talking to this brazilian designer about the bible. and what did this designer tell her, "you need to have more faith." exactly. So K comes to her appointment with enough faith to make it through the rain, and we felt to teach the 10 commandments. Pretty simple, right? Well turns out she unknowingly asked off the sunday after next from work, and after that her schedule will change to evenings so she can come to church. Its just cool because in that lesson so many things came out as far as how God is kind of arranging her life to help her obtain the truth. And I definitely felt the spirit confirming the truth. Life is so difficult sometimes I think because people have so many choices. And it's so hard to know which way to choose, and what is right because so many voices are telling us "this is right" "do this and you'll be happy" "all you need is to believe in jesus" "god doesn't exist believe in yourself" "work hard and earn money and you'll be happy" etc etc etc. There are so many different voices, it makes sense that we would naturally lean towards trusting our own instinct alone. But the cool thing is that what we share as missionaries is a fool-proof way to find it out. Determination to know if its true and willingness to change if it is true, faith in the savior, and an open heart to receive the answer from the holy ghost.

What else happened this week? Our friend R came with us to the M Family's FHE. Have I ever told you about the M family. well... let me tell you. They are wonderful people. Sis. D was saying the other day that sis. M is pretty much for sure going to make it to the celetial kingdom. Brother M is a very busy man. He works in trading and doesnt get home many nights until very late. His calling also takes up a considerable amount of time. And even with all of this, he and his wife have a Family Home Evening every monday night, and welcome anyone we invite to come. Sister M makes dinner and cake for 10 or so people, which probably takes a large chunk of her day. They have a date once per week and go to the temple/dinner. Other days, sis M works in the temple or serves in the temple. I mean, this family is such a great example of one that is dedicated to the lord. They are really blessed in their lives and always put the Lord first. Sister M scheduled us to visit and sing to an old woman this week who can no longer speak. We finished up and afterwards we were going to another appointment. We didnt have a lunch but even without knowing this sister m asked if she could buy us lunch. I mean its a small thing but it was a considerably large blessing because we wouldn't have eaten otherwise. She had no idea but because her first priority in life is to help others, thats just what she does. she doesn't think about it she just does it! I am really going to miss them when i leave, especially because i've been going to their home almost every week for over 6 months now, and I'll probably be leaving this area at the end of july.

Also I realized the other day that I only have 4 months left. FOUR MONTHS IS SO SHORT. thats like a blink of an eye! I hope to really go out with a bang! One of the things that has really helped me keep my drive and desire in this work is through prayer and loving the people. I feel like there are definitely people who i love more and trying to figure out how to get to the point of loving everyone like that. Its pretty cool when i care more about the people I'm teaching, and makes the time go by so fast!

Oh a story-

so the other day we were on the train and like we missionaries do i started talking to these students that were standing next to me. There were these two twin boys and a girl headed home from school. they were really nice. then as we got to talking I mentioned that actually our church has a few differences from other christian churches (because here people generally think that if you believe in a christian church its all the same thing). then this guy who was standing kind of behind me turns around and starts yelling at me "A FEW DIFFERENCES????? A HUUUUGE DIFFERENCE! YOU'RE AN EVIL CHURCH!!,," and starts just going OFF on me and how we're evil. The teenagers were obviously freaked out at that point and of course I'm not going to fight him because contention will immediately drive the spirit away, but i just wish i could make him understand. Or at least have a chance to think about it rather than just re-stating what he's probably heard someone else say. I was talking to sister d afterwards, and we were saying that it kind of almost makes it truer that there is that kind of opposition to our religion. Why target a religion that influences people only for good, helps families, communities, and the world become a better place? Even on a basic doctrinal basis, is there anything that leads people to misery, or whose end results are something bad? of course not. The kind of opposition is ludicrous compared to the actual results the religion has in the lives of its people. In my study and my feelings there is nothing that would lead me to disbelieve the testimony that I've recieved. And that testimony is founded on Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and continuing revelation in this day.

Thank you all for the love, support, prayers, letters etc,

Sister Black