30 June 2011

This week was AMAZING

in the past week sister d have had some major miracles. But mostly I'll just tell you about one. We've really been praying mightily that the lord will help us baptize some more people in the month of July. And at the time we emailed last week, we had zero people with a date. However that has changed. Last week we got a text from the office elders about a member referral, her name is a. Anyways this is her story- A has had contact with the church for quite some time. She's probably in her 50s and she has a friend from gradeschool that is a member. His daughter is actually living with us right now and is also a missionary in HK. So we set up a time to meet with her where she proceeds to tell us that for a long time she's been waiting to join a church, she's wanted to wait until her 26 year old son with a very severe heart problem is ready to join one with her, but last month she finally got up the determination to do it herself. She pretty much spends all of her time taking care of her son. She prays daily and asked God to help her which church to join, and told him that if he gives her a way, she'll take it. So that night Brother Y, her old schoolmate, after a long time of no contact, wrote her on facebook. She wants to get baptized and is so humble and prepared. We've met with her 2x already and are seeing her tomorrow. A is really a huge miracle. i feel like every time we see her she's teaching me more than i'm teaching her.

Sister D and i are still getting along really well. She's another person who is teaching me a lot. I've been trying to learn more about the atonement this past week and how it all works and then we've also had some pretty big challenges these past few weeks (like everyone dropping us...), but every time we are able to pray and rely on our savior and its pretty cool, since he's placed some really good people in our path. If we work hard and keep the spirit, everything works out.

Thats another thing that was really interesting this past weekend- one day we taught a lesson and it was so weird.. for some reason neither of us could figure out, the spirit was totally gone. and we had to work to get it back. i think satan was really trying to get sister d to doubt her ability as a missionary and she was pretty down. However, once we worked it back, the next day we met a and were SO prepared to teach her and she was so prepared to listen, so i think the fact that we had that trial really helped us be better prepared to help someone else come unto christ. Plus strengthened my testimony of the power of the holy ghost . . because if this was all made up nO WAY would we feel that way at the same time... the lesson was fine, it was just normal, but we just felt a lack of the spirit.

Anyways, things in hong kong are going well..

oh and brother A in tai wai ward let us come over for lunch one day and learn from his Thai helper lady how to make some DELICIOUS thai food.

I'm really grateful I am a missionary. There are so many things about life that make so much more sense to me now, especially when i get to teach people who know nothing about God or Jesus Christ or anything. I think it is especially amazing to see the gospel similarities and things that they originally had here, but have over time been changed or distorted, but the underlying truth is the same. God exists and he loves us so much! The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and He'll let anyone know that who is willing to try.

Love you all so much!

Sister Black