I've been in Hong Kong 1 Year!

This week wasn't too eventful, just feeling pretty blessed, and at the same time pretty tired. I have been sick for the past few days and just seriously like no energy at all and i threw up monday, but at the same time, i still can get up on time and go to work when i have to, its just i get home with a headache and feel like im going to die. i think it might be caused by fast sunday and then getting sick on monday, maybe some little dehydration, so im drinking lots of water and praying even more. A is doing well, she'll have her baptismal interview tomorrow. she has such great faith! In a society where money=pretty much everything, usually tithing is a major stopping point for investigators. she doesnt have a job so can follow the commandment without paying tithing, but still said if she had a job or ever gets one she'd pay for sure because God has given her so much already. It is a perspective you don't usually see here in HK. There is a lot going on right now as well. Our mission president recieved some revelation about holding an english summer camp fashioned after EFY, but just for an hour per day on weekdays for 3 week sessions. Yeah its going to be so fun! But its a lot of work and starts next monday. we'll be playing group games for the first 30 min using english, then doing english study and learning portions. i was a little apprehensive about it at first but i think it'll really be good!

We also just got a summer missionary. her name is sister L and she just got back from being an exchange student in washington. Her older brother is a missionary in Hong Kong too. :) We should be pretty busy for the next few weeks, which is nice because it also means we'll probably be in air conditioned chapels quite a bit as well. I'm trying to step it up every day in this work, because i've got approximately 100 days left in the mission. only 100 days. thats pretty much ZERO time and such so i want to use it the best i can. President interviewed me last week on thursday before we had dinner at his house and let me know my dying date. I asked him if i'd be moving next move and he said "probably not, there's no reason to.." and bishop m told me at FHE he asked president not to move us out of Tai Wai. soooo... i have great hopes that i'll just stay here for the next 2.5 moves. even better if i get to stay with sister d. I mean, seriously probably no other sister in the mission would be willing to get up 30 min extra early so we can work out longer. seriously. I just hope I can help her as much as i can before my mission ends. Thats another thing i was thinking- I feel like the missionaries coming in are just extra super phenomenal. i don't know how to describe it exactly, but you know how they say like every generation is just a bit better than the one before? well i think that's true. Like when we had 2x the missionaries in this mission we were still baptizing the same. and now with the 8 foundation principles we are helping even more people.

That's one reason why I am so grateful for living prophets, they can receive current revelation, rather than just relying on the past revelations we've gotten. I mean, moses didn't need to reveal that the people in jerusalem needed to repent, but jeremiah did! God speaks to His people in their own time as well as helping us learn from the past. Man i just love learning about the scriptures ps. just saying. I think one of the coolest jobs ever would be a professor of religion. . . too bad that's probably not very feasible, but maybe i'll be lucky enough to be called to be a seminary teacher someday or something. I'd love that.

Other stuff.. not really that much. We had breakfast with k today- sis d and i ate congee and chicken in glutinous rice. it was delicious. I'm loving this not really eating wheat thing too, i think my body is so much healthier because of it. seriously. Also, if you have any requests for HK items to bring home, let me know. I've only got a couple of months left so i'd rather not waste my last pday or two buying stuff, earlier might be better.

Thanks for everything. especially the prayers, and the letters!!