Happy Chinese New Year! Feb 7 2011

So there are like a billion pictures i want to send. sorry im so late in emailing this week... essentially hong kong shuts down for 3 days for chinese new year so we couldnt email last week. We had mission conference on wednesday, then went to see big buddha on thursday and to try to see some pink dolphins. we didnt see any pink dolphins but we got a boat ride out of it on the sea so that was A-okay with me.

This week was really fun. a lot of people had us over for dinner, and on saturday before last we had a huge lesson with I. At first we weren't sure if she had completely quit smoking, but turns out she had and she was ready for baptism. ANNND... drumrolll... I was baptized on sunday!! it was so awesome. she was super sick and had jsut gotten back to the mainland, but made it back in time for her baptism. I also made tong seui (sweet water) or this like sweet soup stuff. and im so chinese. i put in white fungus, and dried bean curd skin and egg. it was so yummy. anyways.

ok so i'll write more in depth on thursday when i email again. im doing well i love you all and i have a quote for you from president monson "along your pathway of life you will observe that you are not the only traveler. there are others who need your help. there are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire and souls to save"

yes. i love being a missionary. i love you all so much! thanks for your examples an dyour love!!

sis black