St. Patrick's Day 2011

Pictures to come later today

Hello Everyone! Happy St. Patrick's day!!! (Yes I still remembered to wear green). This past week was so awesome!! We were able to build up our investigator pool from 2 to 9 this week, which was a huge miracle!!! I'm pretty darn excited about that. Hiking last week was a blast (as you can see from our pictures) we found frogs a little ways down from the waterfall and that of course was fun. Then Friday we had this missionary activity with the Ma On Shan primary (6 kids) and since I know a li'l spanish I taught them how to pray in spanish!!! anyways afterwards they wanted to know some other stuff so i taught a little. There is this one girl her last name is Yu, i dont know if it is the same character as fish but the way to say fish is the same. Then when you say yo soy, it sounds kind of like yauh seui (to go swimming) so they thought that was hilarrrious and she kept going around saying "yo soy hermana yu" and making these fish faces and pretending to swim. yes she's 11 but it was sooo funny. so thats a vid of 2 of the primary kids i told them id send it to my friends who are speaking spanish on their missions and they were really happy about that.

so Friday-Sunday we had a TON of contacting time still, and after a week of being out on the streets all day my feet started to have a ton of pain. THey've been hurting for a while, a month or so, especially when i walk to much or just when i wake up. so I finally talked to the mission president's wife about it and well, she's chinese. she told me to go see a chinese doctor. I dont know how much you all know about chinese medicine, but i pretty much dont believe in it. They like poked my foot a few times and asked if it hurt but wouldnt listen to me when i tried describing what was wrong. Then they heated it up, rubbed some oil on it and put this banana-peelish smelling black goop on it and wrapped it up (see picture). told me to rest and itd be fine. no exercize, and no stretching it. ANYWAYS... they also did the same thing for the boy sitting next to me, who PROBABLY had a broken foot. I'm going to buy some inserts because maybe that will help. my foot still feels the same or worse today ps.

Then the rest of the pictures are.. from the hike; with a frog; a bottle of juice i had with a hilarious explanation... did you know you have a daily recommended amount of goji berry juice? neither did i; then another frog pic. i love being a missionary!!!

Ohhhh but one of the best/worst stories of the week... I've pretty much gone my entire mission without eating anything TOO terribly disgusting. But this past week on monday we had a REALLY painful cheng-out to dim sum. And they ordered so much food for the table. it was with the Tai Wai elders m/d, and me, sis La, and then 4 ward members and one of their helpers. I don't know how much they ordered but it was more than i'd ever eaten in my life i think. included was: Duck webs (yes i have a pic but its on the elders camera), chicken feet, pig feet, cow tendons, and other random meats i dont want to know what it was. and afterwards i was so full i pretty much wanted to die. the thing is they expect you to keep eating until its all gone, but im not a chinese person and do not have a magical stomach. even when we were all suuuper full, sister c kept on like eating more pork buns. it was amazing. i think she had like 3 or 4 extra even. family, when you come to visit, we're definitely going to get dim sum. haha. but i wont make it so painful. oh and i had cow stomach earlier this week too. not terrible but i definitely wouldnt order it myself.

Then miracle of the week- we were calling through people who met the missionaries a long time ago and said they might have interest to learn about the gospel, between 6 mo and 5 years ago. Anyways we called this man J, who agreed to meet with us. We met with him once last week and then again this week to turn him over to the elders. but he's so good. he's reading the book of mormon, has really good questions, and i would say is a really earnest seeker of truth. He's in his 60's and has learned about many religions bits and pieces. But hes like they all say/teach different things, and some of them don't follow what the bible says and he thinks its very confusing. Well J, if youre looking for truth you've come to the right place, that was all i was thinking. yeah... so awesome.

then something that boosted my week as well.. YESTERDAY I GOT A PACKAGE!! yaaay! and a really really good one too!! thank you family! i laughed so hard when i saw the cheese, it still looks like its ok. and the cds, ipod, WONDERFUL! however i dont have a plug-into-the-wall charger for an Ipod and i was wondering if it would be best for you to buy one that plugs into an american plug (i already have converter) then send it to me (or order it online? send to this address?) because otherwise i'll buy one here and then just have to leave it here when im done because htere's no point taking it home. but the music is great thankyou thank you thank you!! and im definitely having a mexican fiesta ASAP.

and please send grandma my happy birthday greetings!!! yaaaa!! i hope she's feeling alright and i love her and am praying for her. Hope she has a good birthday!!!

anyways I gotta go!! i love you lots!!!

thank you so much!

Sis Black