Feb 10 2011

I know I wrote just 3 days ago, but I'll write a little more in detail. Chinese New year was awesome except for the fact that everyone was either in the Mainland, or unavailable to see us. My favorite part about missionary work is the actual teaching and helping people understand who God is and how we can develop a relationship with him, etc etc etc. Anyways so while it was sad we didn't get to do that, we DID however, have a mission activity to Big Buddha. We all met up in Tung Chung (close to where the HK airport is) and took these gondola (?) things up the mountain.. liek those hangy things that have glass windows so you can see out, kind of like a ski lift, whatever those are called. Anyways Sis L and I got separated because I was in line before her and she didn't fit on mine, so I ended up riding up with a bunch of other sisters and 2 elders. At the top, we walked through this little tourist village full of shops and stuff until we got to BIG BUDDHA! Its HUGE! haha and on top of a mountain amid other mountains (not the highest one in the area, but still, top of a mtn..) And after wandering around the buddha for a while we all went back down to the village near all the buddhist temples and had a vegetarian lunch. Lots of veggies, lots of tofu, and mom, you would be amazed to know i took seconds of mushrooms of my own free will and choice, because they were actually pretty good.

Then we went down to this other village, like a fishing village and had a boat ride for an attempt to see pink dolphins. the group 2x before us saw them, but we didnt :( thats okay though, they got to see them which is cool. so we do know that pink dophins DO exist.

Sunday I was baptized and it was awesome. I really was super stresed because she had been in the mainland and had gotten sick so we didnt know if she'd make it to her own baptism, but she came!! and it was fantastic. The spirit was really strong and I could just feel the love of the ward members welcoming her. I am learning a lot more about how to treat each other and how to better help others, because honestly everyone needs a friend. Whoever thinks they don't,,, well .. i beg to differ.

anyways, so this week started a bit slow, but tuesday was awesome. First off, we had a bike riding activity that the Kwun Tong ward organized but would be in our area, so they invited us if we had any investigators who wanted to come. Basically we have a hard time finding people to come to activities last minute, but this time... 5 investigators came, 1 recent convert, and 2 members. It was amazing! I got pretty sunburnt because it was the first warm day we've had in a while, aka the first time ive seen the sun in a long time haha. No but really, its usually hazy and overcast ish but never rains. at least at this time of the year. but these past few days... beeaautiful! then afterwards we had a lesson with v. weve been teaching her for a while now, and she comes to english class. anyways she's pretty much one of my favorite people EVER. and this week she chose to accept a baptismal date to work towards. I am so excited for her and she said she'll start coming to church on sunday. After V's lesson was moves calls, and Sis L and I found out we are both staying (YAY!) Which is good. Yesterday we were talking about how we can help ourselves work harder and harder every single day, and we decided to focus on the day. every morning if we go out with the attitude that this is the hardest we're going to ever work on our missions, just for today, we'll probably work harder. Sooooo we tried it yesterday! and miracles happen with faith and hard work! It was such a good day and then in the evening I and M chenged us out for dinner at a japanese restaurant in Sheung Shui. We talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost and what I should expect and how she can little by little learn how to recognize promptings etc. But at the same time how huge of a gift it really is.

Speaking of which, I've really been working on recognizing the spirit and learning about personal revelation. It's fascinating and something that can really help us grow in knowledge and in faith if we do our part. I was thinking about my personal testimony, and how much a lot of the time I have these urges to kind of like, prove the book of mormon right. Like there is all this evidence: the fact that Joseph smith couldnt have written it because he had a 3rd grade education and there is chiasmus and ancient writing styles in the book of mormon that people didnt even know about when he was around, or the fact that a place name from the Book of mormon, Nahom, was found in the middle east around where Nephi and his family would have been at the time, or the fact that the book of mormon was completely translated in such a short time, etc etc. I always want to be like SEE! its just so obvious! But in fact the most important thing about finding truth is inevitably the Holy Ghost. Because the Holy Ghost's responsibility is to testify of truth, to comfort, to guide, etc. So when I really think about why I believe in this book, as extraordinary as the story of how is came to us in modern times, and as much physical evidence I can think of, all things taken into account, the reason I know the Book of Mormon is a true book from God is that I've read it, I've studied it, I've applied the principles in my life, and I have felt the Lord teaching me through the spirit when I read it. My eyes are opened to new information and new ways to apply the gospel in my life each time I read. I can feel that it is true, and that is more convincing to me than the fact that I can, in my mind, also reason that it is true. And because I know it's true it changes my life. I hope everyone who has this gospel and who has had a chance to learn of the book of mormon can understand what a precious gift it is in our lives. Because it is absolutely wonderful. It testifies of Christ, of the love of God and how fair he is to his children. It helps us learn from the challenges of prophets and people from a long time ago, and also from their blessings. It helps us recognize how we can be happier and have more peace in our lives. Seriously, Book of Mormon = huuuge!

anyways, that's my thought for the week. I love you all and am so grateful for you and your support. My mission feels like its just flying by, i have just over 8 months left... anyways, everyone keep helping other people and showing your example of how you choose to follow jesus christ. It's so important, and our lives are so much better when we are helping and supporting others.


Sister Black/ Baahk jimuih