March 24 2011

Another week gone by and its the end of the move. Which meant move calls on monday. So it turns out sister L is moving to Tsim Sha Tsui, and sister m is coming out of international. WEeelllll.. it means the end of our reign as queens of tolo harbor, but also welcoming sis m. Then we also lost elder d in our district which means the Sha Tin fun factor just went down about 76% but really.. yeah........

I'm still looooving being companions with sister La, she just loves everyone its kind of ridiculous. We've gotten a few great new investigators in the past week, one 16 year old girl who we met when the elders brought her to english class on saturday. She came to church the next morning and loved it! Which usually no one wakes up for, much less LOVES church on their first time. It was amazing.
But as with every week we also met a bunch of new crazy people. We taught a lady on the street who was pregnant and smoking about the word of wisdom, and then when we told her about not taking drugs she was like... nope i can't not take drugs, especially sad cause she's pregnant! she's crazy and its super sad. anyways such is the life, all us missionaries can do is help one person at a time.

Then there was another girl who couldnt stop talking about anime and japanese stuff and crossplay (?) i think its called... like dressing up like anime characters or something. it was such a strange lesson. she'd like just keep asking us questions like "is it wrong to . . .. " and then something random. Oh well, we'll see her on saturday and see if she can progress. It's funny because like last summer i got that stuff all the time, the lady who thought she was elijah and that everyone was a prophet, or the one who couldnt stop taking pictures during our lesson, or the one who follows the elders around? oh man.. such interesting people here in hong kong.

Last week we had a sisters party out in Kwun Tong and just chilled and ate food and made planner covers. it was awesome, and weird too because i totally didn't feel like i was on the mission for like 4 whole hours. i ate the most delicious indonesian food and it was wonderful..

As for updates on my foot-- i did NOT listen to the chinese doctor and ive been stretching it (he said no), going running (also a no), and we've just taking the street contacting factor down (from like 6 hours a day to probly 2 or 3) and my foot feels a ton better. hmmm... still not 100% but pretty alright.

I also had some good stuff I wanted to share with you all but i left it at home in my notebook on accident... so.. next week? But i do have my book of mormon and Ive been learning so oooooo much from 1 nephi. in ch 17 v 13-14 the lord is telling him that if they keep the commandments they'll be led to the promised land, and they'll KNOW that it is God leading them. but v 14 is like.. its only AFTER they've arrived that they'll really understand how much the lord did for them. true. amen. yes. Its like when you're in the trial its so hard, but afterwards you realize how much the lord really was there for you. Throughout the mission there are trials and challenges, some of them big, most of them smaller, but afterwards its a lot easier to see the blessings from the trials. THen i was also thinking about how sometimes the lord doesn't test you in the ways you want or even expect, but it all helps you in the end.

I was thinking about my life in general and how i tend to start something, get good fast, then as soon as it gets hard i quit and go look for the next thing. Like playing the piano, i never had the perserverance to keep going and practicing. Im SO glad i have the mission so I can learn how to get over that... because when you're doing the Lord's work, you can't quit. Like e. calder said a while back, he doesn't even want to taste lazy. Its true! There is nothing more important in this world then helping other people, whether it be helping them come to christ, be happier, learn, etc. I just have 7 short months left!! I did the math the other day, if I talk to 10 people per day about the gospel, by the end of my mission I will have given over 2000 people the opportunity to have a better, more fulfilling, happier life and eternity. Even though that number is so small in comparison to the millions of people in hong kong, at least maybe some of them will be willing to let Jesus Christ change their life. yeah,, so thats what im thinking.

ps. the summer is coming so people will be more free.. I am SO excited you have no idea. even though it'll be hot and humid and i'll be sweaty and uncomfortable... it is going to be SO AWESOME!!!! no more exams and projects and whatever else keeping them from scheduling us.

anyways the next person is here to email... Hope everything is going well i love you all and miss you!!

sis black