Jan 26 2011

Okay, so I never remember what I have written in previous emails and stuff, but I probably mentioned I. Well she's right on schedule for baptism on the 6th of february, but guess what next week is. . . CHINESE NEW YEAR. aka everyone goes to the mainland and parties for a whole week and no one has any time to see us. But she really wants to make her date and we still have a bunch of stuff to teach her. Solution needed, solution found. This saturday we're seeing her for like 4 hours to finish teaching everything and then she'll have her baptismal interview. thats some serious business right there. And probably the best thing about this week was that sister l got her fire back. not that she was so tired before, but just not very into the work like when we first got to hong kong (i dont blame her, her trainer was prettttty much on her mission to find a husband if you know what i mean. definitely a challenge and exhausting) but seriously like monday was eh ok, still kind of like before. but then tuesday I donno what changed in her. Something changed or something clicked and it was like back into action! We had a zone find for an hour and a half on tuesday night and ended up teaching a lesson on the street, which rarely happens, and then today again! a lesson on the street and 10 contacts! Its interesting how when you are into the work and you have the faith God will put people in your path. When you don't have enough faith and you aren't really all there, you can try to talk to people all day and no one will listen. Its all about the faith and the hope and the energy for the work. Serrriously. It was amazing. Every day im more and more grateful to be sister L's companion.

Then lets see.. . . other things. Oh sister L and I decided to go on this challenge diet- if we aren't getting chenged out our food sources are veggies, fruits, cereal, or peanut butter. Pretty much seeing how long we can go. I ate SO much lettuce soup with kimchee last week you have no idea. PS did you know lettuce in soup is delicious? That's how they eat it here! Cooked lettuce. pre-mission i had no idea. Anyways this crazy diet has been pretty tough and we've broken it twice, once for burger king with the zone (ok, i used to think why do missionaries go to BK or McDonalds because a. not so good, and b. we can eat it when we get home as much as we want) yeah but no seriously it wass sooooo good. oh and we broke it last night for noodles because we were contacting ALL day. no appointments, just contacting. exhausting to say the least. but that is hong kong around new years, atleast from what i hear that's pretty typical this time of year because people are too busy to see us.

which is also why today we have... [drumroll please] DEEP CLEANING!! basically other than email time, we're supposed to spend ALL DAY today from waking up to going to sleep, cleaning our apartments. I am the lucky one who gets to clean the floors and then wax them. never mind that i have never waxed a floor in my life and the floor wax's directions are entirely in German. Today will certainly be an adventure!!

oh speaking of cool adventurous stuff, we were looking around during our lunch hour the other day for envelopes, and on our way back from the economy shop there was a famous hong kong actor filming a movie. ppl were all around like watching and taking pictures on their cell phones. we didnt know who he was but sister l had seen him before in stuff. and just saying, pretty sure he looked at us because we had no idea what was going on and almost walked out onto the street where they were filming. and a white girl out in Tai Po is not exactly a commonplace thing.. yes i definitely stick out.

So in personal study this week i studied a lot about revelation and prayer and stuff. suuper interesting. one thing i loved was thinking about how adam didnt receive revelation for noah to build the ark, it was current, ongoing revelation through noah. Like how important it is to have prophets receiving revelation adapted to now and our world's circumstances. I also learned a lot about how to recieve answers to our prayers. if we pray for something and then dont show our faith that it could happen (such as please help me find a job, and then do nothing to try to find a job) the lord doesn't help us like if we're doing our part too. That's helped me a lot this week because we really need new investigators because the area is so new, and so if we pray for that, we have to do our part too. Love it! anyways i hope all is well! thank you all so much for your support!

Sis Black/Baahk jimuih