Jan 6 2011

This is me right before i ate jellyfish, which pretty much just tastes like a salty rubber band. imagine that. ok, now you've tried it and trust me, no need to in the future. It wasnt bad, just like... not something i'd ever choose to buy to eat (good thing it was a sample!)

Well hello again!! I put a ton of pictures on today which means i have less time to write, but that doesn't really matter anyways because a picture is worth a thousand words. so I've already "written" like 6,000 words?

So that activity was fun, we just found out 2 other wards are doing one like that in february right after the chinese new year (which is on feb 3) and so we can't go to both (unless we go on splits with members) and so im thinking taking a look first to see where all they're going, because that may or may not influence our decision.

For now things are going good in our area, its still a little slower than what i'm used to, and I'm definitely learning more about patience. DEFINITELY. I have to just keep pushing forward even though right now we aren't very busy and we're still starting from the ground up. Mostly I just feel like im running in water, like no matter how hard you try to push, you still are stuck going really, insanely slow. Its not until you learn how to swim that you can go faster-- and you learn how to swim by working with the water, not by keeping on going the way you're used to moving. SO.. i guess to sum it up, right now I'm trying to learn to swim, and letting God teach me how to. The things that keep me going now are like the pull-back lesson we had with the mandarin woman last week.. well she was able to come to church last sunday and even though we're not teaching her (because we cant understand what she says) it makes me really happy. Because in some little part I was able to help her life improve, and thats what its all about.

I am so grateful for the letters and the prayers and the love. thanks everyone!

LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU! i dont even know how to tell you how grateful I am!!

sis black