Last Week


This week was really good. I'm emailing later today because this morning i ran out of time while doing laundry. I had so many letters to write!! I'm still behind. Yesterday Elder Hales came to speak, it was way awesome. no seriously though. he talked about obedience which is one of my favorite things because I really have a testimony that if we are obedient the lord will bless us. His whole plan is about obedience- he wants to bless us, and the blessings are dependent on whether or not we are obedient. Elder Hales taught us that if we aren't obedient we can't have the spirit. Sooo as missionaries it is so important to have the spirit. This week I just learned a lot.

My district has two new people in it now. There were 2 in the younger district who already spoke cantonese, so they'll be leaving with us. Sister L is now companions with sister C, and sister C and I are companions. I lovelovelove this.

We are preparing to practice teaching the lesson on the Plan of Salvation. I LOVE THE PLAN OF SALVATION. i think its probably my favorite thing about the gospel. I love learning about how everything works out just perfectly. That through Jesus Christ everything can be made right. That God loves us enough to give us agency. I LOVE AGENCY. I love being able to choose my own path in life. I guess my whole life I haven't really understood REALLY what we have. We need to share it. Yeah, it's scary... but SO amazing. I just wish I could sit down with everyone I know and explain it to them. I know that if they would listen and ask God sincerely if it was true they would know that it is. If you're reading this and don't know if the things I'm saying are true, just ask God. He won't force us to do anything, but he will answer our sincere questions.

Yesterday I had a funny thing happen. So- I am pretty much not the bomb dot com at volleyball. But the cebuano district/their branch challenged ours to a volleyball game. Of course we had to accept. And we have 2 secret weapons: elder E dominates at just about every sport and will be playing college football after his mission, and elder H played volleyball for BYU before his mission. Now seriously... with those two working together, its pretty hard to go wrong. Well, it was easy for me. About 10 min into it, the ball was served and headed straight towards me. I prepped my hands but then realized that the ball was too high for me to do that. In an instantaneous reaction, without thinking, I popped up to hit the ball with my head. AND missed. It hit just above my left eye and went flying who-knows-where. Elder H and sister T were on the ground in uncontrollable laughter, and elder E was holding himself up by gripping the pole. I could hardly stay standing. I guess maybe its not that funny, but it was probably one of my finest gym moments at the MTC other than dominating at 4square every day.

I'm learning a lot. I'm working hard, and I am glad to do so. Its about time i do something to try a little bit to pay back my Savior for all he's done for me. Read mosiah 2:22-24. its awesome. the church is true.

Love you all!

Sis Black