12 days left!

Hello Everyone! I only have 12. yes 12 days left in the MTC!!! I am so excited! The language is coming along- I still have a ton i need to learn obviously, but it is really coming. We don't SYL (speak your language) as much as we should, but we're working on it and working hard.

Ok so a couple of cool stories: The elders found a note in their room or in one of the other rooms that was from 2006 i think? from some sisters going to Hong Kong, giving advice etc. apparently the room used to be for sisters. SO cool part.... my roommate A was one of the sisters who wrote the note! It was so crazy when the elders brought it in and put the picture/note up on the board and her face was up there!!

cool story 2: in the TE (I have no idea what that is) we were having a workshop with a teacher who went to greece. He told us a story about this new years eve where the Zone Leaders told everyone they could go home a bit early, but his District Leader said he was going to stay anyways and keep contacting to find people. about how you need to work until the end .... you need to work hard and the lord will bless you. anyways the teacher and his companion kept working because the District Leader encouraged that and they found someone that night that they taught and baptized. the District Leader he was talking about was my friend S!! It was such an example to me of how we need to be diligent and do everything we can at all times and because of our hard work we can help people that we wouldn't be able to without it.

Elder C (our cousin) and the Tagalogs and the Cebuanos left yesterday for the Philippines. Sister R is now my bunk mate because her cebuanos (the cantos' best friends here at the MTC because we live by each other and have class by each other) are now gone. I am really going to miss them but i am so excited for them too.. I will admit i did cry a few tears after i said goodbye to elder c at dinner (ok like one or two.... really) but i actually got to see him off because we went to help the Cebuano sisters carry their luggage out!! it was awesome. I am so glad i got to meet them all and learn from them.

I love you all. Take care! Thanks for your letters. Please keep writing to me! The church is true. I love you all!!