Last email before Hong Kong

Ok so this is terrible i have no time to write because the internet is going crazy. I leave the MTC Monday night. I arrive in Hong Kong at 10AM, Wednesday morning. so when i get there i'll have like a WHOLe day ahead of me. Make sure people know my address is changing and that I'm not at the MTC anymore, but that they can send me dear elders until monday. and i would love some just like......good advice, stories etc. please send me dear elders! :) I am trying to get it so i only have to take one bag right? well its kind of awesome because i can, but its overweight. So maybe I'll just have to take two instead. OH well. I can't wait to get to hong kong and actually teach the people. I am so grateful for this opportunity. i have been so lucky to learn and grow. seriously going on a mission is amazing and i am pretty sure i don't know the HALF of what its all about. OH we get to clean the temple today!! cool huh.. well i have to go eat plus my time is out because the computer wasn't working. i love you.

Love, Sister Black

Just in case you didn't find it in the middle of that sort of scattered email, Sara can receive mail at the MTC until Monday. After that, all letters should go to the Hong Kong address. Or you could just start writing to Hong Kong so she'll have mail when she gets there. She would love to hear from you. :)