Today's the DAY!

I enter the MTC today where I'll spend 3 months learning Cantonese and preparing to teach the gospel in Hong Kong: all 1,104 sq km of it. Last night I was set apart as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! That was an amazing experience, I cried like a baby... but I love this gospel. I love the Lord, my Savior, my family, and I feel so blessed to be able to have this opportunity to serve.

Just for some background on Hong Kong (I am a geography major, I can't help myself)

There are approximately 7 million people in Hong Kong, 20,000 of which are members of this church. This means that there are about 997 people per thousand who know little or nothing about the gospel of Jesus Christ. and I will have the blessing to teach and serve some of them in my own little way. They have a really high life expectancy in Hong Kong, which isn't too surprising considering it is a developed urban area with a low population in comparison to other countries of the world (I haven't quite figured out why HK is always listed as its own entity in stats even though technically it is in China, i mean, i don't know i guess it doesn't matter). The largest minority ethnic groups are Filipinos and Indonesians.

Macau is also in my mission. I would really love to serve there I think, because it used to belong to the Portuguese and there is still some remnants of that on the landscape of the city.

My family has been in town since last Friday and we've done some fun stuff for my last few days here. Rebecca and I started it off right by going to a party a few of my friends planned and the next morning playing tennis with my friend Scott. On Sunday evening after Spencer's farewell my sisters and mom took a walk from her house up to the Draper Temple. It was so beautiful as the sun set over the valley to be walking up around the temple. I've decided I really like Draper. Monday morning we hiked the Y and I went to a study group, mostly to just see a few of my geography friends for the last time. Then Tuesday was where it got crazy- I had a final at 7am, then packed and cleaned, shopped, ate, got a pedicure with mom and sisters, went to see how to train your dragon (which is really good for any of you who want to see it and aren't going on missions today), ate dinner and was set apart by President Todd. I still have a bit of packing to do before we leave, so I think I'll go get that done now. :)

Next time I write.. I'll be in the MTC!! My sister will actually probably be writing for me.. based on my letters etc. I hope to hear from you all! I love letters!! my mission address is listed on the right --------->