Sara's first letter

Sara sent my parents a letter, which they scanned and sent to me. It didn't copy very well, so I didn't see all of what she wrote. Here is my best effort to tell you all what she said:

The MTC is AWESOME!!! I am in a companionship with 2 other girls, both from Utah. I have a more complete mailing address now, so if Rachel would update it that'd be good. (I did update it.)

Also, as for emailing me, if you use dearelder.com I can read the emails before my 30 minutes of email time. So during the 30 minutes I can just write.

I have a Chinese name now which is Baahk. It is a low tone, and means white which is really funny. One of my teachers is a native of Hong Kong and she's really great.

The Spirit here is really strong. I am now the senior companion but it doesn't really make a difference. I really like my district--there are only 6 of us which is good for learning the language. It's pretty intimidating but I can learn it.

The food is pretty awful but there were a few things not entirely disgusting. I love the MTC. The district above us, leaving in 5 weeks, is really cool. They played a bit of a prank on us the first day, nothing serious just pretending the elders all had one problem or another. I WANT MAIL!!! I'd love a few pairs of simple earrings if you're so inclined.

Love you lots,
The Church is true.

Sister Baahk/Sister Black