Hello Family!

How are you all? This week was so fantastic. We have had a lot of pretty cool experiences- I think having a trainee does that to you... the faith, energy, everything is just there! so we've talked to a ton of people and started seeing a few more. last weekend A got baptized! it was pretty stressful because as a sometimes(rarely?)-not-thinking-things-through missionary, i didnt check the church for baptismal clothing the day before- and there wasnt enough. luckily the person baptizing the 2nd person was willing to just wear his church shirt even though he didnt have a second change (he was planning on wearing the white one A is wearing). Anyways. it was great and both she and her mom are now members and they're awesome!! YEAH so being a missionary is awesome and its way hot and humid these days but im loving it. we went hiking today to where we can see schenzen (sp? i donno). and now im tired and just trying to rehydrate. we're a bit late emailing today because we were late to the hike. This morning we planned to meet at 730 to go hike as a zone, but 4 missionaries left early, and took a bus to a wrong place, then hiked there. well they're halfway up their mountain when we realize that we've also taken the wrong bus, but didnt start hiking because the last 4 people (the ones who were late?) they took the right bus. Anyways an hour and a half later than planned we finally started and it was so much fun but SO HOT. i definitely should have packed more water. sis la was cranky because she hadn't eaten dinner, which was HILARIOUS because she was snapping (and when sis la snaps its like jokingly poking fun?) at all the elders and they would poke fun right back.

Sis D is great. we get along well (so far haha) and work well together. her language is already pretty good, and she really wants to just get out there and work. Back a few weeks ago sis la and i started talking to this man Mr C, and he wants us to help his kid learn english. because his son, r (age 4) is so crazy, we've now decided to team-teach the family. sis d and i will help r learn creatively (because he's got a ton of energy. thats the best way to say it) and the elders are teaching mr C.
We kept role playing the vocab words he needed to learn which were completely random- Van, X-Ray, Lamb, Rain, etc. and then he started telling us that we needed to be quiet because the "angry cow" was coming to get us. obviously we took the "van" and drove away as quickly as possible. So fun.

One thing that was great for us this week is one day we were heading to ma on Shan and this lady calls us. She saw a poster on our church for our free english class and she wants to go to church, right? well she's come to the right place! we couldnt go to ma on shan on sunday but members told us she came and had a great time. we're seeing her on saturday!!! :) I'm really excited to actually meet her in person. I love being a missionary. It is a crazy time and my body is completely falling apart, but it is a really exciting to see more and more every day the way the lord works with his children, and see him help us. Just keep praying, keep doing the little things with a sincere heart, and it all works out. Everything works out. Just trust in the Lord and there's nothing else really TO worry about because the big things will be taken care of.

ps i saw there was an earthquake in spain on the MTR... how big was it? effects? theres preachers all over international here that say may 21 the world will end.. ha. dont think so. but reading their pamphletry is pretty entertaining.

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! thanks for the love/prayers/support/letters/etc

sis black