Cinco de Mayo 2011

Well I thought I was called cantonese speaking, but for some reason this past week has just been filled with spanish!! a peruvian less active i had to write a note to in spanish, a potential spanish class starting up, and then Cinco de Mayo! so fun! haha. I love being a missionary. This week was pretty different. We had 2 missionaries in our district "dying" (going home) and so everyone wanted to cheng us out. EVERYONE. no joke. we had so many meal appointments it was hard to get missionary work in, and then hard to move afterwards too. But sis La and I successfully made it through the week and she doesnt have to put up with me as a companion any more (which i will really miss actually...) but thats okay because... MOVES was today. and as we already know I've become a trainer. and even more hilarious is that my companion's chinese last name is also baahk, and she was in the same ward as me at BYU right before I left on my mission. the world is a really REALLY small place. So far its going well, even though its been a few hours only. Her chinese is rockin and she understands a lot. We had singing practice for when elder Holland comes and since our sopranos are struggling and she sang in women's chorus at BYU she's going to be singing with us. Its so funny because seriously like mirrors some of my experiences all over. sis e was in that same ward but the year before i was in it at byu, then the day i got to hong kong, she was practicing singing for an apostle to come and i joined in. its just funny. I'm really excited to start serving with her because she seems great and ready to work. Even more than I have stepped it up before I need to step it up now and i'm so excited, though a bit worried since well... im still so imperfect. We've got a lot of things lined up for this weekend which should be good, and next week is zone conference.

As for the missionary work part of things, A is scheduled to be baptized next sunday which is super exciting, especially since its mothers day and her mom just got baptized 2 weeks ago. Then N's cousin b has a date for the 22nd. however, before the giving of the date, we didnt know n's bff / bff's little sister are also scheduled for that day. so.... since they're like forever away, it could be a slight problem. BUT we'll figure that out later :) I'm just happy they are all SO AWESOME. we had our my conversion fireside on sunday and there were so many people there! like the chapel was almost full. And afterwards we took pictures and talked with our investigators etc. so great.

Oh another great thing that happened this week is that our washing machine broke. so we have to wash stuff by hand. I've never been so grateful for washing machines in my entire life. THEY ARE SO AWESOME. and a huge blessing. i realize how easy life is as a missionary in hong kong sometimes, like we have beds (hard as they might be) and real toilets (even though they're a little broken) and washing machines. oh dear wonderful washing machines. so everyone, when you're thinking of what to be grateful for, dont forget washing machines. they help us out so much. yeah.

Another interesting thing about my new comp is that she can't eat wheat. Which is fantastic because we'll probably be eating at home now more (aka healthier), and she also likes to run. she's probably got a lot more energy since she's so new, so i plan on utilizing that in the work. I'm super grateful for her already. yeaaah. and i have nothing else to say. life is so good. being a missionary is the best ever.

thanks for the support!!

sis black