November 25, 2010

Ok I know the titles of my emails are so boring, but I want to post mission be able to keep track of them. Anyways------- this week was, well interesting. I dont know any other way to describe it. I went into my new companionship with a totally bad attitude. And that was entirely my fault. I didn't want to go with sis Choi and C, or back to the New Territories, or anything, and I didn't take it as I should have- with faith that I was going to the right place, with the right people, at the right time. So I, Sister Black, for any of those of you who know me, cannot, CANNOT hide my emotions. If i like someone or something, it shows on my face, in my eyes, everything about me. If i don't, it also shows. Try as I might, its a definite weakness of mine. Because of this, my first few days were terrible. I was down, I was also sick with a cold/sore throat, and I was pouty. I was only thinking of myself, and why this wasn't fair to me. Anyways, not sis black at her best. I wrote my first letter to the mission president that had any real complaints in it, and well, yeah I think you get the picture. So finally saturday afternoon when we were contacting I broke down and started crying (not a common occurence). I was so upset and angry and sick and unhappy. I pretty much had these two bundeihs (natives) who knew the area, the people, and everything, and weren't really letting me in on it, because its easier to just have me kind of tag along. So we talked it out, and I realized this was in large part a pride issue, because at that point I was mostly thinking of myself. After a lot of prayer and effort, the companionship is starting to come together. This is still going to be a pretty huge challenge, but doable. I am enjoying speaking more cantonese, and being in an area that is SUPER busy. and when I mean super busy I mean we pretty much don't have time for meals. We have been taking 15 min here and 20 min there to quickly eat lunch or dinner. We aren't done with planning until 30 min before we need to go to bed because we're calling until its too late to call, and THEN planning. It's absolutely insane, but so awesome. It's a lot easier to be happy about things when you're thinking about others and when you're working. Work is so great because it gives us the opportunity to see change, to see improvement, to DO stuff. And when we're working hard, we also get to see the benefits of that in the lives of the people we are teaching. I also get to be companions with sister choi, who is pretty much known as a miracle worker. I have never met anyone i think, with as pure a heart as she has. she really REALLY loves everyone. She'd do anything for anyone. Her nickname is mother theresa, seriously. Then there is sister c, who is actually full chinese but born in tahiti, so a TBC (ABC=american born chinese, BBC=british born chinese... etc). She is SUCH a hard worker. She has no fear when it comes to talking to people, which most missionaries have because, lets be honest, missionaries get rejected and hated-on all the time. (which is super sad because all we are trying to do is help people... but anyways.) Usually I'm ok with the rejections but sometimes its like.. WOAH you did not just do that. Like I just was talking to this lady i just said hi and asked her where she was headed while we were on the metro. .. . so she gets up and moves. which isn;t the worst rejection ive had but that one kinda hurt for some reason. just cause i have this awesome black nametag on. I love being a missionary. and I'm really grateful.

This week is also thanksgiving, actually today in fact. I loooooooove thanksgiving. yum. Today we had our thanksgiving missionary service activity where we made cards to give out during chinese new year. Then we had some time for missionaries to share what they are grateful for, and then we ate. and it was yummy, but not ANYTHING like home. because there are 100 missionaries about, there's really no way it could be as good, right? but the turkey was so nice and delicious and so was the pumpkin pie so no worries, i was well fed for thanksgiving. I am sad I missed the family gathering and uncle duane's wedding, but you can send my love and congratulations on, ok? ok. :) It was also really nice to be able to spend some more time being thankful again, and I was really humbled because we are really really blessed. Even when we are down and think the world is terrible, we need to remember to look outside, or in our hearts and remember the many MANY blessings we have. The fact that our bodies work they way they do is a huge blessing. I see all the old people here with mangled bodies from years of bending over picking rice, or people who have other deformities and stuff, and are still going on with their lives. There are things to live for and things to work for. There are also so many things to be grateful for. yeah. Happy thanksgiving. Im sad I'll miss the tree. But if you want to take a picture and print it real quick on a big sheet of paper once the christmas tree is up and send it to me in a letter that'd be cool.

Oh and the biggest news of all. Today the mission president pulled me aside during the thanksgiving activity (because of the unhappy letter I'd sent to him earlier that week) and was talking to me again about the benefits of having three together. We really have a great mission president. I was talking to him and apologizing and stuff because im sure he worried about me. Then he tells me that even if being 3 is difficult, in 2 weeks we're getting a new sister missionary, so there won't be any tripanionships anymore. And as speculation goes, that means they're going to have to open a new area for sisters, and sister k is training, so her comp sister l from my MTC district is going to have to go somewhere with someone. so the options are for me, in 2 weeks, to be companions with sister choi, sis l, or sis c. somewhere. but who knows if i'll stay in this area or leave. Im trying to not speculate too much, but anyone who knows me knows that my mind will just go and think through all the what-if what-if what-if, and that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid so i don't get disappointed when i dont get my wish (which would be to go with sis l and open a new area) because i'll get my hopes up then get bummed when i dont get it. Because I know whatever happens is what God needs to happen. This is His work, and I am just here to serve him and help him bring his kids back to him. He loves us so much and isn't ever going to let us go unless we choose to leave him.

Anyways, Im so grateful family for you, so grateful for the many friends I've had who have influenced me in my life, and so grateful that I am able to spend this short time in Hong Kong serving people and helping them change and have better, happier, more fulfilling lives.

Thanks for supporting me!!

Sis Black/Baahk jimuih