December 2 2010

This week was again suuuuper busy. We had another week of many days without time for lunch or dinner, and our friend HC got baptized on sunday! :) We had a miracle monday night contacting, and we were able to talk to SO many people. I still don't remember peoples' names and the area is really confusing (well 2 areas actually). I kind of am just still following my bundeih and a half around because 1 they pretty much just talk to each other and 2 its faster if they just do everything becuase then they don't have to explain anythign to me. Its really frustrating but at the same time I am learning a ton about patience and love. And anyways, its only going to last another week anyways. I don't quite know what all to write about because when I'm working hard i'm too busy to think about how hard this companionship is, but when I get a chance to sit down im like... WOAH this is hard. haha. But then I think about how much they have to put up with with me, It's probably a pretty equal share of toughness.

Last night I got to teach LA by myself with his sister as my companion on splits. It was fun because we made cookies and taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ: faith repentance baptism holy ghost and enduring to the end. I tried to make it a pretty light lesson because the two of them don't have a perfect relationship. She's getting married soon and going back to BYU hawaii and He's getting ready to go to BYU hawaii. He has a testimony I'm sure of it, but its strengthening that that I think we can help him with. Because its not easy moving countries and starting school im sure, and he's definitely going to need the Lord's help.

sister choi really wanted to go to Korean BBQ today (we each chose 1 thing we wanted to do for Pday this move) so we're heading over there after email (maybe im also pessimistic because i haven't eaten all day?). I do have to say, when all is said and done, I am grateful to be here serving a mission. It's not easy all the time, and a lot of people reject you and the amazing message you want to share with them, but in reality i know that they aren't rejecting me, which makes it easier. I'm living an extreme lifestyle right now! I get to be around sister Choi and C... who are SO funny at times but they have no idea. I am living in the palace apartment of the mission: chelsea heights, and I get have a change of pace halfway through the move. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior, and I know that I am doing His work right now, and he's with me every step of the way. I am going to hit my halfway mark in a little over a month... so.. . . . I have a LOT more left to do!

oh funny story. this week I put a letter in the mail, and sister c was like "WHAT You can just put a letter in the mail? you don't have to go to the post office?!" she didn't know! so I got to teach sister c how to send mail- you put a stamp on it, $3 for international mail and 1.40 for HK only, and then you write their address on it, put it in the mail box, and... the mail will go to them! :) Those are the little things I find joy in in this companionship. Oh, and she's the bomb at contacting. There are like. no black people in hong kong, but in the past 2 days weve ran into two of them, and they both speak french. yeah so sister c's like SWITCH go into french. I'd love to be awesome at several languages and be like, if someone doesn't speak english "oh, what do you speak? oh tagalog? no problem blablabla" Speaking of Tagalog, I wanted so badly to go international speaking english teaching philippinas and indonesians, but now not so much. Probably because my chinese is getting better and im starting to be able to understand stuff finally. (mostly just at church, but still that's good right!)

um and the man next to me at the library is making these squeaky noises like along with some music he's listening to. oh boy. This is entertaining.

The thing about being a missionary and hong kong especially is no matter how tough it is, there are always little things to smile/laugh about. Like how at church on sunday sister f's skirt was tucked in on accident after she went to the restroom, like the whole back was tucked in and she walked all the way back to class before sister choi ran after her and helped her. or how elder d just got his hair cut, and well.. in hong kong.. haircuts are just different, and if a white person gets an asian haircut, it looks HILARIOUS with bangish stuff. or how I always forget my nametag and had to introduce myself to butterfly ward without it, or the english on everything here. OH THE ENGLISH. let me give you an example of a typical sentence on a shirt or something. "en joy happyer smile!" or something like that. words broken up, misspelled, and doesnt make sense. So funny!

sorry this email isnt more eventful, other than the thanksgiving gathering, not much else out of the ordinary has been going on. just teaching a TON busy busy busy, and trying to eat when possible! haha! Thanks so much for the love, support, prayers, and letters.

Sister Black/Baahk jimuih