April 7, 2011

So unlike everyone else we haven't gotten to watch conference yet. Since we're on the complete opposite side of the world it would be sun/mon if they did it last week. So anyways this weekend we'll be watching and i'll give you my commentary next week. PS did you get my email from last week? it sent it back to me saying the send failed or something.

Anyways this week was.. . . interesting? We've decided to organize our records and make area books (since we literally have nothing but a stack of old formers from some of the elders in our areas) figure out the exact borders of our area and get maps, and plan our english class better. The ward correlator in Ma On Shan wants us to spend considerable time each week planning english class. Its good because the english class is rocking right now (like 10-15 kids probably plus mom or dad), but it also means I get to take out more time for it. See, my comp is a native, and elder c is dying next move, elder h, well i dont trust him to plan it, so yess... Sis Black to english class rescue! We're trying to develop a 12 week curriculum and include gospel messages as well as a theme to the lesson. Plus make little worksheets with a gospel message on the back in both english and chinese. Its really fun, but at teh same time frustrating because it takes so much more time now.

Then last week was pretty rough finding, because we had so many people skip out on their appointments, and that just eats away at the time. I really felt like practically nothing was getting done, and that stresses me out because I dont know about the rest of you, but I feel like missions go REALLY fast and that every minute is precious. Even reorganizing things stresses me out bigtime because it just takes more time. But no worries right? It'll all work out and be great. :) Today we get to go to the temple, and then friday we're busy, saturday/sun have conference, and then its all off into a new week. The time just flies. I can't believe I'll be going back home in just 6 months.

I feel like i seriously have nothing to say this week, sorry! haha! I got a wedding announcement from a friend who is getting married tomorrow? and that was nice. I hope i have a letter or two because today we're going to the mission office since its next to the temple.

what else.. oh i got contacted by some indonesian missionaries from the USA talking about adam and noah's genealogy... they were telling me about some book that explained about when they lived and what year it was that they were alive at the same time etc etc. it was pretty funny because i just asked them okay so how does this apply to me, now, and they were like 'well your life is a story, everybody's life is. i mean you are sister black, but there is so much more behind who you are than that, you could write a whole book about your life story... etc etc" and i was SO confused. but they were really nice, and i gave them a flyer.

haha so such is the life.. I am still happy to be serving etc. I hope things are going well.

ps. sometimes on the mission i have some weird dreams. I had one a couple days ago that i hired a hit man to shoot someon. it was pretty action-packed and pretty much i was at the movies. sooo suspenseful. and terrible that i would dream such a thing!! haha..

love you all! thanks for the support.letters.especially the prayers!

sis black