October 21 2010

TODAY IS MY SIX MONTHS MARK! I've been a missionary for six months now! That is crazy! And today is P day plus a zone activity so we're going to some rural part of hong kong in the northeastern new territories and going bike riding, which will be super fun! Not to many eventful things happened this week, but hopefully next week I'll have some good things to report on... . . .

because of this:(forwarded messages from the mission president)

1. Presidents:

I have been asked to contact you three to obtain a report on your preparations for Typhoon Megi that is scheduled to hit landfall late Friday, or early Saturday according to reports we have received. We just need to know your plan for the missionaries’ safety.

2. Please give me the latest weather report of this typhoon Megi.

Please alert all missionaries to secure all windows in their apartments. They should have identified a safe place in their apartments in case the windows are broken by the strong wind. They should ensure that they have sufficient food and water storage. They should remain indoor if Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted.

YEAAH! so I think the typhoon my cousin's area missed is headed right here! I am so excited! No one will schedule us right now though because they are like "um there's a typhoon coming so i'm not available fri or saturday." I hope it is a big one and is fun to be in. Anyways, that's the only exciting news from here.

Hm. . . oh i passed my 5th language pass off out of eight. SO once i get all 8 done I can start learning characters! My goal is to have them all done by the end of this move, and it is going to take a LOT of work. Its fun though because my friend SW's brother is a district leader in my zone, but since my district leaders are mandarin speaking, I have to do my pass off's with him. I donno its weird cause he looks pretty much exactly like her and its really funny. What a small, small world.

We've been teaching this girl who is going to flight attendant school and she always brings her little textbooks with her. I LOVE looking through them and see what they teach them about airline codes and routing and ticketing and stuff. maybe post mission/school I'll go be a flight attendant for a year or two :) that WOULD be something i'd do, huh.

I really don't have that much else to report to be completely honest. We just keep working hard and talking to people about the restored gospel. Sister E and Sister L were at crossroads with us yesterday and it was nice catching up about people I taught and stuff going on in tuen mun. I miss them! I hopefully will be getting their addresses soon so I can write them a letter.

Speaking of which, I'm really trying to get back to everyone who has written me. I am so far behind though!! But you don't even KNOW how grateful I am for every letter that comes.

Anyways thanks and i am so happy to be a missionary! this is the best hardest most fun most interesting work ever!!


Sis Black/baahk jimuih