September 2, 2010

Hello Everyone!

This week has been interesting- it was my new companionship's first full week without summer missionaries, and it was awesome! Sister E has a date to come home from her mission in November, and sister L is still a ball of fire. We had some interesting things happen this week too. We went to visit a less active member of the church who invited us over for dinner. When dinner came around,and I didn't know what to expect... out comes these chicken wings that were hardly cooked (no joke, half raw), and all these other dishes that I am preettty sure were incredibly unsanitary and undercooked as well. I was praying the entire meal that we would not get incredibly sick from eating this food. But, luckily we made it out alive.

What else... we had zone conference and learned a bunch about how to be better missionaries. It was really good. I've also had a lot of experiences where I've really been shown that the Lord is directing His work. Hong Kong has millions of people, and you rarely see the same people twice. So we were on this bus and sister e sat next to this man, all the way to wanchai (on Hong Kong Island, about 45 min driving away) and then a couple of hours later, we were going back, and a couple stops into our trip the SAME man gets on and comes up and sits by her again. To me, this is a miracle. Now some could say it is by chance, but really the chances are SO slim and things like that happen all of the time.

Ok so the guy over at the next computer keeps on glaring at me. and at first it really bugged me, but oh well, that is the nice thing about knowing you are a representative of Jesus Christ. As long as I am doing my best to follow His example and just be kind even when people around you arent, things like that are like.. so unimportant to allow to bug you.

hmm other stories. I don't know really, this week has just flown by. Today we climbed the highest mountain in this area in the rain. The pictures from it aren't fantastic but I'll try to get some developed and send them home, since the librarians always send us the the area with no access to the usb port. or whatever that thing is called. I really started to get dizzy as we got to the top of the mountain though, because it was SO steep and just kind of like, if i step wrong I could fall to my death. um.. but luckily I am alive, and no harm done. We also stopped by at this buddhist monestary on the way up which was SO cool. Those kinds of things, old buildings and the natural aspect of the area, are what I really like about Hong Kong. The city is cool because of how busy it is, but the edges of Hong Kong are what I've really come to love as I've lived here.

yeah, other than that i dont know what else to say. so bye! thanks for all the prayers!

Sis Black