Helloooo everybody!

This week is crazy! ummm.. lets see. there have been a lot of thunderstorms which are fun. I was trying to think of another cultural difference here in Hong Kong that might be interesting: did I mention that people here are afraid of the weather? It will keep people from coming to appointments if it is raining, and as soon as the sun is out at all the umbrellas come out. Sister M's last summer missionary would run when it was sunny to get away from it. And people always ask me why I don't have an umbrella if it is sunny outside. I am sure there are a lot of things we do in the states too that are super confusing as well though.

Today my companion and I picked up 2 summer missionaries! They will be with us for 2 weeks and next week we have moves calls. So basically either I or my companion will be possibly moving areas. I will most likely stay and she will go, because she's already been in Tuen Mun for about 6 months... which is really quite rare. I am a bit nervous but really excited. No matter who I end up with, I know it will be for the best. One of the other elders in my district will be training next move, so one of the new elders from my younger MTC group will be in Tin Sheui Wai! I hope I stay so I can have another familiar face around. It has been really nice to see elder w every once in a while.

We have seen a lot of miracles this week. The goal to have 20 lessons per week was almost reached with 19, and W.J. got baptized last sunday! He is this little 8 year old boy, and his 12 year old sister was baptized a few months ago. Mostly he just had to wait until he was eight. I am amazed because honestly it isn't like there's something amazing about our cantonese or our personalities, all the work that is happening is because the Lord is working through us to help His children.

I'm starting to understand more and more how important baptism is, and baptism by proper authority. Like I could go to BYU classes and learn the same stuff everyone else was, but if I wasn't enrolled, it wouldn't matter in the end because the authority wouldn't recognize my education as valid. Just like that we need baptism by proper authority--God's authority. Otherwise it isn't valid, and it won't help us any.

I also wanted to mention the blessing of being able to adjust to the climate. I pretty much have a really hard time adjusting to different temperatures and stuff, but here.. yeah it's hot, but after the first week I've been fine. and I think that is a huuuge blessing. and the language. wow there's now way i'd know as much as I know without God's help. Seriously.

I started reading "Our Search for Happiness" by Elder Ballard, and it is really interesting. I sometimes feel like either I am too shy or too bold about sharing the gospel, like he talks about in the introduction. Like... I realize how important this message is: 1. that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us SO much 2. Jesus Christ gave everything for us so we can know how to return back to God, 3. God has a prophet on the earth today guiding his church, just like he has always had throughout history, and 4. our families are the most important unit of society and in the eternities. Our families really can be together forever! That is so cool! I know I haven't been the best daughter or sister all of the time, and that my family certainly isn't perfect, but because we have a common goal, this knowledge and testimony uniting us, there isn't any challenge that we can't overcome. But it all depends on if we choose to accept Jesus Christ and change to become more like Him. I am trying every day to get to know my Savior better. It is pretty tough because I haven't seen Him, but thankfully I have the Bible and the Book of Mormon, full of accounts of his example and prophets' writings about Him. I can pray in His name and feel the love He has for us.

Another thing we've got going on is this saturday night the missionaries have planned a hawaiian themed party! It is going to be HUGE! :) The Tuen Mun elders were in charge of the photobooth, and a less-active member, R (an artist), painted them a backdrop with a sunset and palm trees and a man in a boat fishing, and a cliff oh man it is amazing. It is absolutely beautiful and I wish I could take it home with me to keep forever. I'll send you a picture when I have some printed. But printing pictures is relatively expensive, sooooo, probably not for a bit. My companionship is in charge of the food, and we're making hawaiian haystacks! yummmmm. Seriously I am so excited for this. President C is even coming out for it. We're having a hulahooping contest and karaoke and a cake walk. . . etc etc.

I am really excited about the two summer missionaries we picked up today. One is going on a mission to the slc temple square mission in one month. She's the coolest!

SO... Thank you all for your prayers. I know the Lord is guiding this work. There are too many miracles, too many "coincidences," too many blessings for it not to be. I know that this church is true, and will change so many people's lives. I am so grateful that I have this short time where I can serve with everything I have. Keep the letters and packages and emails coming!! Anyone can email me, and I can write back to my family. Just to clarify on that rule really quickly. oh and sorry this email is so scattered. time is so short and there is so much to do!! Love you!

Sister Black aka Baahk jimuih