Hello again

So this week, my first actual week in Hong Kong, was rather crazy. I've been super busy and such, its really humid here, and I sweat SO much. but its weird sweat because usually its the rest of my body not my armpits that are sweating. like water condenses on me... im sure thats what it is haha! well if that was TMI whatever.

Our mission is different in that our day starts at 7 not at 630, so everything is bumped back a half hour. I eat a lot of fruit, and everything else with chopsticks. Dragonfruit is my favorite fruit here, and then there is this street food, like these grilled fish ball things on skewers, and then they dip them in this peanut sauce. oh yeah. yum.

We are teaching two 7yr olds and then a few other people too. they're so cute but have a hard time focusing. one of them is getting baptized this month. We have a goal to get 26 new investigators this transfer. hmmm...

oh the picture im sending you- for my first week here we had a summer missionary. Her name was sister C (yoyo was her english name) and she was a doll. We were out at the edge of the city the other day and we stopped this pohpoh (grandma... aka old lady) and asked her what she was up to. when she said she was going on a hike, we asked if we could join her. she turned back a ways in but we kept going and contacted all the way up this mountain. when we got to the end of the paved hiking trail we stopped. but we had contacted a few more people the entire way up and Yoyo and I taught this one lady a lesson! she took the picture for us that im sending you. Today we dropped her off back at the mission office by the temple, and then my companion and i had a singing practice. Elder Uchtdorf is coming! and I was lucky enough to get to be in the choir that will sing for him! :) Its funny because i prayed in the MTC that i'd be able to meet him haha! It was nice today to be there too because all the misionaries who had a summer missionary were there. So I got to see sister C, Sister L, Elder D, Elder J, and then all the sisters i know who are in the choir for elder uchtdorf.

I dont remember what i told you last week, but Elder W from my mtc district is in my zone so I see him every couple of days or so, and a sister, Sister M, from the district one transfer above us, is in my apartment and district. I misspelled where im serving last week, im in Tuen Mun, out in the new territories.

We did service yesterday and went to this place called crossroads. its like this charitable compound or something that helps refugees or something. They are really hippy dippy and we helped make this organic sustainable garden thing. you should google it. I donno what exactly it is. But i think ppl can pay to go on vacation and stay there and just like volunteer and stuff.

OK. so I think this is about it. ohhhh and i fasted last sunday with my district. the work is slower in our zone than in other zones numbers wise, so we are going to bring it back. anyways next fast sunday when you're fasting and feeling sorry for yourself, remember that there are people in the world who fast in 80 degree weather with tons of humidity... aka thirstier than heck. and im sure its even worse in places like the philippines than it is in HK.

There are so many miracles going on here, its unbelievable. It's hard being rejected all the time, but so rewarding when someone actually has interest. I am so grateful for my opportunity to serve. seriously. I love you all! have a fantastic week!! :)

oh also its really hard to type because im getting so used to writing things in pingyam phoenetically, that when i write i spell things like "git" instead of get, or tip instead of type. The language is coming, every day i understand more, so.. its all good. I love you lots again, remind ppl to write me!! :) Love you!

Sister black

ps. my first name was changed when i got to china, my new chinese name is Baahk Hyu Tohng. It means like White/brilliant/pure/clear Sunrise/daybreak. and the third character has no meaning as far as i know. cool huh!? I will have to attempt to write it sometime when i write you a letter!! Take care! Be good!

pps. pray that the mosquitos won't like to eat me anymore. Thanks!